Making change in your own life requires a plan; a means of educating yourself for the changes to be made and for finding the resources for the encouragement and strength to see it through. 



Sit for a moment and imagine what the YOU standing on the other side of the finish line looks like.  Think about what size your pants are when you finish losing your weight.  Think about your shirt size and underwear sizes too!  Think about the person you will be after you get to where you consider to be happy and healthy.  THAT’S IT.  Plan to be that person. 


Educate yourself:

Start anywhere!  Here are some great areas:

Food: Read the nutritional information and product ingredient labels.  Eat only a single serving.  Look up unknown ingredients.  Read up on food colorings, and abbreviated words (they tend to be abbreviated to keep you from being scared to eat the product!). 

Exercise: Know your Target Heart Rate. The most efficient workout isn’t the hardest, heaviest one, in fact, it may cause your body to hurt healthy cells.  Knowing where your heart rate needs to be during exercising, and knowing how much exercise to do, is the most effective key. It’s easier to motivate yourself when you know it’s exactly what your body needs. Because who really wants to do an hour on the elliptical when a twenty minute walk outside could be more beneficial to your health.

H2O:  There is a 75% chance that you are dehydrated right now as you sit there reading this sentence.  Really, I’m sure your are probably reflecting on the last time you tried to drink more water and how much time you spent in the bathroom…but I assure you, chances are you fall into this category. If you drink a soda/pop/alcoholic beverage per day this percentage jumps to nearly 90%!


Encouragement & Strength:

There are so many inspirational videos, stories, songs, and books we have compiled right here on the strength page (with more added each week) I encourage you to find something that motivates and inspires you to keep moving in the right direction.