All you have to do to get healthy is  _______. 

Think about that sentence.  I know you’ve probably heard it before from so-in-so’s sister’s cousin who lost a ton of weight on that one program.  I argue though that there is not one word (t.v. show, piece of exercise equipment, brand, magical pill or book name) that will work in that sentence. 

Being healthy isn’t about overhauling your entire life over night.  So leave the chips in the cupboard!  Imagine with me for a moment that tomorrow I uprooted you and moved you into an igloo, or a tent in the woods.  Some of you might survive a few days, but most would be waving their white flag. Now, think about the last diet you tried….are you seeing any correlations?

My name is Stephanie, and my husband and I are the author and creator respectively behind Strength 4 Change.

Our goal for the Strength 4 Change site is to educate and encourage you to make little changes to your daily life with the overall goal of making real long lasting improvements to your health.
I hope you visit the page often, and find something new each time to help you grow your healthy life style. So: GET STARTED!